13. september 2013

Hello lovelies! Today I have a pretty huge post for you - a battle of Maybelline mascaras. I purchased a few over these past months and tested them out. Here are my thoughts...

Let's start with the Mega Plush, shall we? :) This was the first one I bought. It's actually not available in our drugstores (don't know why that is), I bought it on I was in need of a new mascara and this one looked really interesting. I really haven't been disappointed with Maybelline mascaras before, so I went ahead and got it. I paid 8.49 € for it, so it's not the cheapest of mascaras, but most of Maybelline mascaras are around the 10 € mark and I don't mind paying that kind of money, if it's a good product. :) So... let's get to the review part - I'll make it short and sweet, letting you know the good and the bad.

The good...
+ the packaging (I like the beautiful turqoize color paired with the pink/purple writing)
+ the formula (it's supposed to have a mousse-like formula so it's really light on the lashes, you barely feel anything and it keeps the lashes really soft, no crunchy feeling)
+ the brush (I like fat, fluffy brushes with a lot of little bristles; this brush does a great job at separating the lashes and giving them lots of length and volume)

The bad...
- I'm not a huge fan of the 'flexible joint' on the wand, I don't think it does anything, I would prefer, if it was solid all the way

The next mascara is the Colossal Smokey eyes mascara. It's basically the same as the 'original' Colossal which I had some time ago. I don't really see the difference between them and the brush is exactly the same. I did like the original and I also like this version. I got it because it was on sale for around 7 € and I wanted to see, if it was any different.

The good...
+ I like the packaging
+ I like the brush (it does a great job at separating, lengthening and adding volume to the lashes)
+ I like the formula, but... I'm afraid the same thing will happen as it did with the original version - it started to irritate my eyes after a while

The bad...
- I'm really not fond of the scent, it has the same scent as the original (it's supposed to smell like roses or something, but it has an awful chemical scent)

Last but not least is the One by One mascara. I was really interested in this one because no one seemed to be talking about it. I was planing on getting the Rocket but I went for this one instead, purely because the Rocket has been reviewed like a thousand times already and I haven't seen a lot of reviews for this mascara. It actually turned out to be the best out of the three. I don't exactly remember the price, but I think it was around 8-9 €.

The good...
+ again, I like the packaging
+ I like the brush (I really like plastic brushes, they can be awesome at separating the lashes and this one is no exception)
+ I like the formula, it doesn't seem to have a particual scent and it does not feel too heavy on the lashes or make them crunchy
+ it has an interestingly shaped wand (not that that matters)

The bad...
Can't think of anything bad actually. I hope it doesn't start to irritate my eyes in the future... :D

Bellow are some photos so you can see how they look on my lashes. I curled my lashes before applying all three mascaras, so the bottom photo shows curled lashes and one coat of each mascara. Don't mind the left eye (your right) of the Colossal mascara - my eye teared up a bit whilst I was applying it so the lashes kind of fell down a stuck together a bit, it wasn't the mascaras fault, it was mine. :)

And here's how my lashes look when I apply a second coat...

A summary of all three mascaras:

I like all three mascaras and I would recommend all of them. I love the Mega Plush because it has an awesome light-weight formula that feels great on the lashes - like you don't have any mascara on them at all. The lashes remain soft and never get crunchy. But... I think that out of the three, this one is the hardest to build up - I feel like I had the hardest time with this one whilst applying a second coat. The Colossal mascara is the most lengthening out of the three and it builds nicely. The One by One really defines the lashes and in my opinion is the easiest to build up (probably due to the plastic brush). I feel like the second coat of this mascara looked the best, compared to the other two. I think it really makes the lashes look full and gives them a great deep black color, more intense then the other two. I didn't find any of these three mascaras to smudge around my eyes or clump the lashes together. As far as removing goes, they were all pretty easy to remove, the Mega Plush being the easiest and the One by One the hardest.

So what do you think, which one looks the best to you? Have you tried any of these mascaras? Which is your favorite mascara? :)

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  1. Smokey eyes res naredi lepe trepalnice :)

  2. se mi zdi, da imaš na drugi sliki (po drugem nanosu maskare) najlepše trepalnice.

    :) Odlična objava :)

  3. Pred par leti sem imela eno Maybelline maskaro, ampak od takrat sem vedno kupovala od drugih znamk, nikoli nobene Maybellinove, čeprav so tako hvaljene. Nekako se mi zdi, da ti vse 3 maskare dajo isti volumen, kar mi je zanimivo glede na to, da imajo različne ščetke.

  4. Jaz sem nora na maskare in trenutno jih imam v zbirki 19! Kar je precej in jih ne porabim do konca, zato rada kakšno podarim naprej, dam sestri... Pa zelo rada sprobavam.

    Ampak med 5 maskar, ki jih redno kupujem pa spada tudi tale rumena, ki mi je top res.

  5. Tale One by one mi je zelo všeč. Jo bom mogoče sprobala, ko porabim trenutne maskare :)

  6. Od teh sem probala samo One by One in mi je bila kar všeč. Samo FUL hitro se mi je posušila. In to čist posušila, kar se mi ni zgodilo še z nobeno maskaro prej. Sumim, da sem kupila eno staro, ker so v Mullerju glih akcijo meli...

    Drugače mi je pa Rocket Volum' Express super. Na začetku sem bila malo razočarana nad njo, potem ko se je pa mičkeno posušila, je pa super ratala.

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  7. Adijo, to pa je obsežno, ampak me je zanimalo. Tudi meni se dozdeva da je najboljša zadnja (:

  8. Wow this is such an helpful post!!!! The Colossal mascara makes your lashes look amazing, so long and defined. I really like Maybelline mascara's :D xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. Hvala vsem za komentarje, sem vesela, da vam je objava všeč in da vam je morda pomagala pri odločitvi. :D

  10. Sama tudi uporabljam samo Maybelline maskare, ker so mi res super :) Dober post, razmišljam o nakupu Megaplush maskare :D