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08. junij 2013

Hello my lovely readers! We're having some nice weather today and I'm feeling good so I decided to write a little post about TV shows I like to watch. Now I know this is a beauty blog and many of you might not find this interesting, but since watching TV shows and movies, listening to music and reading books is a huge part of my life I think it's only right that I incorporate it in my blog somehow. :)

First I'll let you know of all the TV shows I watch(ed) but are currently not showing (new seasons are being filmed or they've been canceled). I can't really put them in order from my favorite to least favorite since they're just so different. Oh, and just to let you know... I watch so many TV shows it's borderline crazy. :) Off we go then!


Now this show I loooovee! If you're not a supernatural, vampire-werewolf kind of gal/guy then this one is not for you. It's about a girl (Elena) who is "torn" between two vampire brothers (Stefan and Damon). And that is kind of the main story but it's really so much more. I love this show because it keeps surprising me, the cast is gorgeous, the acting is great (in my humble opinion), the soundtrack is to die for and well... it's just great. And the season 4 finale was just... epic! I can't wait to start watching season 5. I hope it continues to be awesome and doesn't go downhill.

IMDB score: 8.0 


It's a show about two brothers who hunt and fight supernatural beings (legends, stories, angels, demons - they have it all). Again, if you're not into that, it's not for you. :) This show has just ended it's 8th season and I have to say I was pleased with it. The 7th season was really off-putting for me but they managed to get their sh*t together for this season. I was kind of disappointed with the season finale, though I think they might make it work in the next season. We'll see. I love the main characters - Jensen is just the most beautiful man I've ever seen and Jared is gorgeous as well so that helps. :D


A new CW show that I also came to love. I had high hopes for this show and it did not dissapoint. It's about a spoiled Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow (source IMDB). I'm a total geek when it comes to heroes and vigilantes so I love the carachter of Oliver Queen/Arrow/Hood. The fact that Stephen Amell is eye candy (and ripped, so ripped!) helps with watching the show too. :) Really enjoyed this season and can't wait for the second one.


I just loved this show. I'm not really that into hospital/medical shows (though I did like House MD) but this show was just awesome. It had everything you would expect from this type of shows but it was funny, clever, the main characters were really good and you could connect with them (at least I did). The final episode was amazing and then... then they canceled it. Of course... :( I was so pissed off. But what can we do ey?


Again, a show about vampires (yes I like vampires, so what?!). I love this show. It's something different, something fresh in the vampire department. It has horror, violence and sex, good sex. :) But... the last season (5th season) was a tiny bit less awesome than the others. Still loved it though. I just hope the 6th season will be even better. 


I can't even begin to describe how awesome this show is. I thought the first season was great, but the second one just blew me away. If you like horror and I mean real horror not that pu**y stuff, then you'll love this show. It's terrifying, crazy and just brilliant. I especially love the fact that the first and second season have nothing to do with each other. The same actors (well some are new) play completely different characters.


Now this is a show I didn't think I would watch. Even though I (obviously) love the supernatural I was never really into zombies... and this show has a lot of them, zombies that is. But it's just so much more. It's really complex and you get to know and observe each character as they eater adapt or perish in this zombie apocalypse. Brilliant and scary as sh*t. :)

IMDB score: 8.7 


I started watching this show last year. I just saw an add/trailer and though it might be something I'd like. And I did. I still do. But I don't think this show is in the same league as the other shows I listed here. There are things I love about it (like the whole werewolf concept and the very good looking cast) but there are also a lot of things I don't particularly like (like the really bad acting sometimes and some bad fighting/action scenes). So I have a love-hate relationship with this show but I love it way more than I hate it. And it is getting better I believe so I'm looking forward to season 3.


This show is going strong and is filming it's 9th season. I really like this show. It's a procedural show - solving murders through forensic anthropology and other sciences. I find it really interesting since I am a future nurse and know a bit or two about the human anatomy, fiziology and pathology. I have to say I kind of miss the sexual tension between Both and Brennan that was oh so present in the previous seasons. I do like them together but it was just way more fun when they weren't. It does look like the writers are planning to split them up or at least give them a bunch of problems so we'll see.

IMDB score: 8.0


Almost forgot about this one... :) This is basically the only comedy, short TV show I watch and I really like it. It is hilarious and really original. I love all the characters and how they interact with each other. I have to say the first season was a bit better than the second one but I really enjoyed the second one as well. Oh, and I just have to say - the kiss between Jess and Nick deserves a "Best kiss" award or something. Seriously, someone get them an award now. :D

IMDB score: 7.8

Do you watch any of these shows? What are your favorite TV shows?

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  1. Tole Emily Owens sem tudi jaz rekla, da bom gledala, samo vedno pozabim :-)
    Drugače pa dobra izbira, sploh Arrow :-)

  2. Jao, ja ništa ne stignem gledati.
    Zadnje što sam pratila je bio CSI :D

  3. @Dear Skin - A ja gledam previše... :D

  4. That last one really sticks out like a soar thumb.:D I was into Bones for a while, but I'm really not feeling any of the zombi/vampire ones. And especially not the America Horror Story, if I watched that, I wouldn't be able to sleep at all.:D

  5. Maja na mojem blogu sem te tegala :)