BEST OF 2015: Random

08. marec 2016

Soooo... it's the begining of March and I'm still writing my 'Best of 2015' posts but hey... better late than never, right? :) 

Anyhew... I thought I would spend a few words on my random favorites from 2015 as well. Aside from being pregnant and having my beautiful baby boy, I've also enjoyed other, less important things, like my new phone, some great tv shows and movies and I also worked with some great people, so without further ado, here are my 2015 random favorites... :D

My favorite partners/sponsors of 2015 have to be the lovely people at Luna TBWA. They represent brands like Vichy and La Roche-Posay (high-end pharmacy brands). They always invite me on events and product launches and I even had the pleasure of attending the Melanoma awareness conference twice so far (which I'm a big fan of). 

They send me products for review without expecting a review, they never insist I publish a review nor do they want me to publish only positive reviews. And... they even sent me a sun protection cream for babies when I was pregnant with my little one - how considerate is that? :)

I've been also loving my new phone - Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. My old phone just wasn't enough for me anymore... This one is a real machine and has tones of great features and apps to utilize. And most importantly - I can now take some real high quality pictures with it's 16M camera (and the front camera isn't bad either). :) The battery lasts me two days with moderate usage. 

The phone is super thin and seems fragile (though I assure you it is not - we've had a few mishaps so far and it survived without a single scratch), so I bought this super cool, hippie cover from Head Case designs- the glitter actually moves around... :)

My absolute favorite tv show of 2015 has to be Outlander... no, let me correct that, it has to be my all-time favorite tv show. It's EVERYTHING I look for in a show - interesting story, great, believable acting, a strong lead female character that doesn't need to be saved all the time and an equally strong male character as well. I'll talk more about it in the next 'Maja loves to watch...' post. :)

Another show that really impressed me was True Detective (second season). Even though the first season was hyped up as something of a masterpiece, I wasn't a huge fan... I loved Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey but the whole plot/story was just weird. This season's cast was amazing but the story was even better and I absolutely loved the ending!

Vikings... I think this might have been my favorite season so far... and to think I was worried it would all go down hill after the amazing first two seasons. The show is on it's fourth season already and I hope this trend continues as it is definitely one of my top 5 favorite shows (so far). Go check it out if you're into Viking mythology/stories (and hot men, very hot men...). :D

And last but not least... a movie - Whiplash. I did watch quite a few great movies last year but this one really stood out for me. I still watch it from time to time... especially the final 'scene' - epic. A really amazing movie worth watching! ;)

What were some of your random favorites in 2015? Which tv shows and movies stuck with you the most? Any recommendations? :)

5 komentarjev:

  1. Jaaa, končno še en Outlander fan :D Si brala tudi knjige slučajno? (so še 100x boljše!) :D

    1. Jaaaaa... :D Ne, knjig nisem brala in ne vem če jih bom - včasih zna televizija presenetit in naredi boljšo verzijo, kot je tista v knjigah. Sem brala primerjavo in so bojda knjige precej bolj realne oz. precej bolj realno prikazujejo tisti čas - npr. Jamie Claire malo bolj pretepe, kot je bilo tisto šeškanje v nanizankah, ipd. :)

  2. Hmm outlander zveni zanimivo :) Bom prečekirala :)

  3. Nisem še gledala nobene od teh serij in sem si jih itak takoj zapisala, da jih pogledam ko bo čas :)