*Green Line Micellar water + HydroMineral face cream

15. julij 2014

Hello hunnies! Today I'll be reviewing two great products from Green Line that were kindly sent to me by their 'mother company', Ilirija d.d. (that's actually a Slovenian company - thumbs up for that! we need more of our own beauty companies/brands). :)

So, they asked me, if I wanted to try some of their new additions to Green Line - a micellar water and a new face cream, HydroMineral. Since I have combination skin, I was sent the one for combination/oily skin, but you can also get normal or dry skin versions of this cream.

Micellar water

If you've read my 'Let's talk skin care' post from last week, then you probably know how I feel about micellar waters - I think they're (mostly) great at removing makeup, but I don't encourage using them as your only makeup remover or even as a skin cleanser/toner. I do like using micellar waters, but I tend to use them for quick repairs when I'm doing my makeup or swatches for my blog and rarely depend on them for removing a full face of makeup (I do make an exception, if I go somewhere where I can't do my whole cleansing routine and bring all my skin care products with me).

But anyway... I did test this baby out and compared it to my favorite micellar water (at the moment), Garnier's. It preformed very well and was basically as effective as the Garnier one, I really didn't notice any difference. It did not struggle to take off my eye makeup at all (but do keep in mind that I don't wear waterproof makeup on my eyes). This micellar water has a lovely, fresh scent to it, which I don't mind, but some people might. It didn't bother or irritate my eyes at all, which is the most important thing.

It's also super affordable - 3.99 € on Click2Chic, probably around the same price in drugstores, but the Garnier one is still a better deal, since you get a whooping 400 ml (twice as much) for around 5 € or so. I also prefer Garnier's packaging because it has a flip top, whereas this one from Green Line has a screw-on top, which is a bit of a pain to be honest (but it does have a nice opening, so there's no spilling and product wasting). :)

HydroMineral face cream (combination/oily skin)

Now this product was a real surprise to me. My skin is quite fussy when it comes to face creams or any kind of moisturizers (serums, oils, etc.) - I have combination skin with a problem/oily T-zone, but at the same time it's dehydrated and in need of oil and moisture. Most 'light' face creams that are catered towards oilier skin are too light for me and just don't moisturize my skin enough, whilst a lot of creams for normal or even dry skin can be too heavy and make my skin look like a disco ball after a few hours. This face cream however, is a dream!

It' really is light and when I first scooped some of it out and applied it on my face I had a feeling it was going to be one of those super light creams that will make my skin matte, but thirsty soon enough. However, as soon as I started massaging it into my face, it felt really creamy and luxurious. It sank in my skin fast and left it feeling super moisturized but with a semi-matte finish. I was blown away! I was expecting my T-zone to start looking shiny in a few hours but it didn't, only after a whole day of wear did I detect a slight shine. I don't like to wear it/apply it right before going on a run/walk, because my skin does seem to perspire underneath it quite a bit - it does that no matter what face cream I use, but perhaps I noticed a bit more of it with this one (I usually rather wait and cleanse/moisturize my skin after a run/walk/workout).

I was also really intrigued by the ingredients - papaya, spirulina and mineral water Radenska. :) Though papaya and spirulina are at the very bottom of the list of ingredients, so don't expect too much. The ingredients as a whole are very pharmaceutical/chemical, so nothing super natural or filled with antioxidants, but that's really not what I was expecting of it anyway (I have other creams/serums/oils for that). It's just a super hydrating face cream that smells very nice and fresh and makes your skin look amazing and feel very happy. :)

Again, as with all Green Line products (I noticed), it's very affordable - 6.99 € on Click2Chic and probably around the same price in drugstores. I am super satisfied with this cream and have been using it every single day since I've got it. I think this will be a repurchase and I really want to try some other face creams from them now (I have a few testers of the dry skin version to try out as well and will let you know my thoughts on it soon).

So, here you have my take on these two new additions to the Green Line family. What are your thoughts on them, have you tried any or perhaps both of them? What's your favorite product from Green Line?

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  1. Mene je ta krema tudi čisto navdušila, pa sem bila na začetku zelo skeptična ker mi malo katera krema odgovarja. Res je super :)

  2. Meni je krema res zakon. Sem kupila isto za mastno in kombinirano kožo in je ne morem prehvalit :D Pa še v Muellerju je bila 40% znižana in je mogla it z mano :D

    1. Uh, potem pa sploh... že tako je zelo ugodna. :D

  3. No jaz se lahko pridružim pozitivni oceni iste kreme. Najbolj pa me je presenetilo, da ni iritirala moje kože, ker mi zelo malo krem paše. Res odlična in mat finiš mi je zelo všeč:)

    1. Fantastična kremica je, res. :D