*Lily Lolo Eyebrow duo

15. junij 2014

Hello lovelies! I was sent another beautiful Lily Lolo product from Lily Lolo Slovenija (thank you so much!). This time the new Eyebrow duo in Medium. I really don't own that much brow products as I haven't been filling in/defining my eyebrows for that long (it's one of my recent makeup discoveries), so I was really excited to try this duo out. :)

First of all I have to say I'm in love with the new and improved packaging! Not that there was anything wrong with the old packaging, but this new black&white combo just looks very sleek and a bit more high-end. :)

So, the eyebrow duo comes in a similar if not identical packaging as the eyeshadow duos - you get a clear brow wax on one side and an eyeshadow/eyebrow color on the other, plus a nice practical mirror that comes in handy if you need to fix up/reapply on the go. :)

The application is very simple and I think using an eyeshadow duo like this is best for beginners - using pencils, liners or brow pomades is much more difficult for a newbie and your eyebrows can quickly end up looking really drawn on and unnatural. Using a duo like this or even just a matte eyeshadow that matches your brow color can give a beautiful, defined yet natural look. :)

I used a random eyebrow brush to apply both products (after brushing through them with a spoolie), but you can get one from Lily Lolo that has a brow brush on one side and a spoolie on the other. :) The wax really keeps all the stubborn little hairs in place and allows the eyebrow color/powder to stick to them better.

I got the shade medium which I was afraid would be too dark for me, but ended up being just right. I was really happy with the shade, but I did notice it was a bit too warm for me - I tend to look better with more ashy/cool colors on my eyebrows even though you can see I kind of have some warmth to my hair color (my hair color is pretty unique - some call it a dark blond but there's a whole mix of shades in there). So, if the shade would be a bit more on the cool spectrum, it would be a perfect match. Even so, I think it didn't look weird or unnatural at all. :)

All in all I'm very happy with this duo and I love the way my eyebrows look every time I use it. It lasts on me basically all day and I haven't noticed any problems with it melting off in this heat we had just a few days ago.

Blond ladies can also get this duo in the shade Light and darker females can get their hands on the Darker shade. You can get this duo for a great price of 9.99 €.

So, what are your thoughts on this product? Do you like to fill in your brows or rather go 'au-naturel'? What's your weapon of choice - pencil, eyeshadow or a fancy brow gel/pomade? :)

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  1. Res všečno pakiranje :) Ravno zadnjič sem gledala in tuhtala, če bi si vzela ta duo, tak da mi je review kar v pomoč :)) Je pa rjava res topla, sama mam tudi navadno bolj pepelnato rjavo.. :) Bi pa vseeno morala preizkusiti :)

    1. Zelo lušno zgleda! :)

      Sodeč po tvojih slikah, bi rekla, da bi ti mogoče bila celo najtemnejša barva 'prav', ker ni črna... Za poskusit je!

    2. Nekak vseeno raje kupim malo svetlejšo, da ne iztopajo obrvi preveč :) Bom videla kero bom preizkusila, po trenutnem navdihu :)) Kaj pa ta vosek drži kaj? Ker se mi obrvi kaj hitro rade razmršijo :(

  2. Jaz si vedno fillam-in obrvi. Zadnje čase sem uporabljala svinčnik, zdaj se pa spet nagibam k senčkam, samo popoln odtenek še nisem odkrila.

    1. Kater svinčnik si pa uporabljala? :)