*Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil & Fizzy Bath Cube

05. april 2014

Hello my lovelies! Today I'll be reviewing some more Yves Rocher products I was lucky enough to get at the event back in December. :) I have to say that all in all I'm very pleased with Yves Rocher as a brand. Out of all the products I've tried/tested so far, none of them have been really bad or disappointing.


So... first I'd like to talk to you about the Hair Repair Oil. We got this in combination with a shampoo and conditioner (we were able to choose those two depending on our hair types). It's an oil that you apply as a treatment, it's not an oil for damaged/dry ends (like Orofluido and other similar oils), though it certainly does help with those problems as well. :) This oils is meant to be used on dry hair - I applied it generously on dry hair and then rapped them in foil and took a bath so it had an hour or so to work it's magic. Then I removed the foil and rinsed off my hair under the shower and continued with shampoo/conditioner. Immediately when I rinsed my hair off I felt how incredibly soft it was and I was very happy the oil 'came off' really easily, my hair wasn't left oily or anything like that - it was soft, shiny and just lovely.

Now, you should take in account that I have naturally fine and very soft hair. My hair is not particularly damaged (a split end her and there), because I don't color it or style it every day or abuse it in any other way. :) All the damage it gets is from my blow dryer and sometimes (that's like a few times a year) I curl it or straighten it, but that's about it. I can't tell you how it will work for extremely dry/damaged hair, but maybe it would work miracles - definitely worth a try. 

I absolutely love the scent of it - it's divine, which makes using it an even grater pleasure. :) The only downside I can find is that it gets used up pretty fast. The 150 ml bottle is basically for two uses (I have medium long hair), unless you apply it really sparingly. On the plus side it is affordable - around 7 € (but you can always get it on sale for less). :)

Another product I tried and used basically along the hair oil, was the Coconut Fizzy bath cube. It is what the name says - a bath cube with a lovely coconut scent. I looks really small and you think it won't even 'do' anything but it actually takes quite some time to dissolve in water (I ended up holding it under running water and trying to 'crumble' it between my hands). It makes your bath smell lovely and it doesn't dry out your skin - when I came out of the bath my skin felt nice, not super nourished but not dry either. :)

For a great price of 1.57 € you really can't go wrong. :) I think I want to try some other scent as well.

What are your thoughts on these products, have you tried them? What's your experience with the brand in general?

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  1. Wat, js olje uporabljam 1x - 2x na teden odkar ga mam pa ga je še pol v flaški. O.o In res pokrijem vse...

    1. Resno? Jst sm ga pa pol porabla skor ob prvi uporabi... sm ga morala ful zlit, da so bli res usi lasje 'oblečeni' v olje.

  2. Thanks for your article. It sound nice! I use great product, the Pro Natural’s Moroccan Argan oil Conditioner and it's silicone free argan oil really moisturize my hair. Ilove it:) 

    1. You're welcome! I really do like both of these products... :)