Vichy event

26. marec 2014

Hello again my lovelies! Today I have a long overdue post for you about a lovely Vichy event I attended back in February. I seriously can't believe I'm writing this post a month later... time is flying so fast. :) Anyhew... I was lucky enough to be invited to two separate events in February - first to a La Roche-Possay event (which was amazing and also very educational) and then this beautiful Vichy event as well. :)

Nika Veger, Ajda Sitar and Petra Mlakar Zorko

The event took place at Lesar Hotel Angel, a stunning little hotel in the old part of Ljubjana. I've never actually been to that part of the city, I've 'circled' all around it, but never really ventured there, so I was amazed when I discovered how many beautiful gems lie hidden there. :) The hotel was decorated so tastefully, I couldn't believe my eyes - I think I was just walking around and staring at things for about half an hour. I felt like a really important person, being invited to such a gorgeous place. :)

Upon arrival I was greeted by the lovely Katja and Petra (PR managers) and seated in a lovely room where the presentation/event was being held. With us was also Ajda Sitar who was the model for the day and two other ladies - Jelena Prša and Sandra Kljunak who are part of the Vichy team. :) After a little while, other guests started arriving and the room filled up pretty fast.

Petra Mlakar Zorko, Jelena Prša and Sandra Kljunak (Vichy team)

Nika Veger and Petra Mlakar Zorko 'showing off' the new Vichy Teint Ideal line :)

Nina Šušnjara and Tjaša Kokalj also attended this lovely event :)

When all the guests finally arrived and were seated, Nika Veger (makeup artist) joined us as well to present and demonstrate the new Teint Ideal line on our lovely model. She chose the cream foundation for Ajda but there is also a 'fluid' available. Along with these two foundations (which you can get in four different shades), there is also a compact powder (in two shades) and a bronzer (in one, universal shade).

After the demonstration we were 'left' to chat and eat really fancy food that was absolutely delicious. :) I didn't know much of the people there but I felt really comfortable and the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly. I chatted with a bunch of nice people, ate great food and upon my departure also received a lovely 'goodie box' - what more could you possibly want? :)

Of course I already played with my foundation and ate all of the chocolates that came with it, but I need to test it some more before I give you an honest review. So far so good... I think I'm going to like it. :)

I'm very happy with both the La Roche-Posay event and this Vichy event and I feel very lucky to have been a part of them. I'm really happy to see that these kind of things are starting to develop in our country and bloggers are starting to get recognized and appreciated. I hope this trend continues and I hope to attend much more beautiful events such as these two. Thank you Katja, Petra and the rest of the team for everything you're doing! :)

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  1. O, waw <3 Izgleda da ste se imeli res fajn, pa lepo darilce!

    1. Super je bilo in ja, čudovito darilce smo dobile! :D

  2. Hotelček izgleda prav luštno, a tudi jaz prvič slišim zanj. :)
    Poročaj prosim kako svetli so odtenki ter kako je z oksidacijo.

    1. Fantastičen hotel je, res... tako lepo opremljen! :D

      Ocena pudra upam da pride naslednji teden, se bom potrudila. Imajo pa na žalost samo 4 odtenke in jaz sem seveda rabila najsvetlejšega. :)

  3. Jaz pa glih na take fajn dogodke zbolim, grrr... Super post :)! Komaj čakam da sprobam tale puderček :).


    1. Jaaa... :( Pa drugič a ne? :D Me zanima kako bo tebi všeč puder...

  4. Vichy team je res super, full lepo skrbijo za blogerke <3