Featured blogger: The Nails

21. marec 2014

Hello lovelies! Today is the first (of many) 'Featured blogger' posts. I decided to feature a blog/blogger every week. We are 'opening' these series with The Nails (previously knows as Ivana Thinks Pink). She recently started a new blog, under a new name and I thought it looked amazing, so I asked her if I could feature her and hopefully help her get more attention/followers on her new blog. 

1. What made you decide to create a new blog?

The main reason I started/created a new blog was an opportunity to start one with Wordpress (my previous one is hosted/powered by Blogger). It will take a lot of time and effort to move/redirect all my followers from my previous blog to the new one, but I'm sure it will happen eventually. I'll probably end up keeping my old blog for posts that won't feature manicures.

2. The name of your old blog is Ivana Thinks Pink, does that mean you prefer wearing pink on your nails?

Most definitely! My pink nail polishes probably represent 3/4 of my whole nail polish collection. I feel the best/most comfortable with pink nails. I do occasionally paint my nails in other colors as well but I always come back to pink. My obsession with pink nail polish has recently spread to clothes and shoes as well - anything pink is fine with me. :) Neon pink is probably one of my favorite nail polish shades and I love wearing it no matter what time of the year it is. 

3. What are your top 3 manicures (from all the manicures you've created)?

Hmmm... that's a tough one. :) My absolute favorite would probably have to be the Chanel inspired mani I did a little while ago. Though the length of my nails has a lot to do with it - I absolutely love this length on me. The manicure itself is pretty easy ti do, yet looks very elegant and classy.


The second one would have to be a manicure I did using nail stickers. Nail stickers can be a way to create a beautiful and daring manicure without investing too much time into it. :)


Last but definitely not least, is my Gwen Stefani inspired manicure. The add for OPI nail polishes (Gwen Stefani for OPI) really gave me a great idea to create this manicure using nail strips.


4. What's your favorite manicure to create (stamping, marbel, drawing...)?

Lately I don't have much free time so I mostly wear just 'plain' nail polish. I do use layering and glitter to make it a bit more exciting. But when I did have a lot of time I loved to play with stamping. I'm not much of an artist so I don't draw freely on my nails (using brushes or other tools - I really admire girls that do that), I want the patterns on my nails to look perfect so I rather use stamping for that. :)

5. How do you take care of your nails and keep them in such good shape, what products do you use?

Well actually I don't spend a lot of time taking care of my nails. They're not in the best shape at the moment - layering and all that... so I need to find a good base coat for that (I found Nail Tek Foundation II to be very effective in the past). Other than that I do moisturize my hands with a hand cream quite a lot and I do take care of my cuticles with Lush Lemony Flutter cuticle butter (amazing stuff). And I always use a base and top coat with every nail polish/manicure, so my manicure lasts longer, looks better and to keep my nails from getting stained by nail polishes.

6. What is your favorite nail polish brand, why?

I would have to say it's OPI. I feel like they always come out with great collections and great shades, but what I like most about their nail polishes is the brush - the brush just fits so well on my nails and makes application much easier. The runner up brand would probably have to be China Glaze - they always come out with amazing neon shades so I have a never ending wishlist for their nail polishes. :) The only dowside with both these brands is the price. The price of these nail polishes is pretty high in our country (Slovenia, EU), so I still go for Essence and Catrice from time to time.

7. Anything else you'd like to tell us?

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you Maja, for featuring me on your blog. :) I'll keep on creating manicures and posting them on my new blog because it's something I love doing. Most normal people would probably think I'm a crazy person, if they saw my nail polish collection but hey... I love nail polish and you'll probably never see me without one on my nails. I'll keep on sharing my creations with you and hope to inspire some of you to do the same. I'll see you on my new blog - The Nails. :)

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  1. Meni sta od naših Ivana pa Ana top, neki posebnega no <3

    1. Čudovite manikure delajo naše punce, ampak Ivana je pa res top... :D

    2. Se strinjam, da je Ivana super. In hvala Kristina, means a lot (predvidevam, da si mislila name, ker si mi to že večrat omenila) <3