Meet my... PINKS

01. februar 2014

Hello lovelies! Another Saturday another 'Meet my...' post. Today I'll be showing you one of my favorite eyeshadow 'groups' - pinks. I absolutely love wearing pink eyehadow, especially those gentle, champagney, shimmery ones. :)

L to R: W.O.S., Habit, Virgin, Sin, Dope, Toasted, Toxic

L to R: W.O.S., Habit, Virgin, Sin, Dope, Toasted, Toxic

The two matte 'pinks' I decided to include are W.O.S. (UD Naked Basics) and Habit (UD Vice2). They can look a bit browny but they do have a strong pink undertone as well so I decided to put them in this group. Virgin (UD Naked) is a great highlight shade that has a lovely light pink color to it. Two wonderful champagney-pink shades that I love using all over the lid are Sin (UD Naked) and Dope (UD Vice2). One of my all-time favorite shades has to be Toasted (UD Naked). I know it looks more bronze than pink in these pictures but I promise you, it's a lovely pink-brown-bronze. :) Last but definitely not least is Toxic (UD Vice2). It's such a gorgeous shade - I would describe it as a rose gold or maybe a pink-coppery shade. Really lovely!

So, what do you think of this 'selection'? Do you like to wear these kind of eyeshadows? :)

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  1. o lej, če bi mela še Basics paleto, bi mela vse te barve :P

    1. Lej jo lej... skor tok obsedena z UD k jst. :D Sej sm šele pol ko sem pisala objavo vidla, da so vse senčke od UD. :)

  2. Odgovori
    1. Thank you! They are one of my favorites and they all happen to be from UD... :D