FOTD: Vice2 palette look #1

04. februar 2014

Hello lovelies! Today I have a look for you using my Urban Decay Vice2 palette. I talked about this a while ago but I decided to do a series of looks using different eyehadow palettes. I did one series with my UD Naked palette but those were my 'early days' of blogging so I'm not too happy with the looks or the pictures. Now I decided to start it off fresh with the Vice2 palette since it's the newest one and the one I've been using most of the time. This look is dedicated to Nuša (Moonchild Beauty Blog) because she asked/dared me to create a wearable blue-eyeshadow look. Here's my take on it... :)

I decided to go for a combination of blue and gold. I think it turned out quite nice. It's still a pretty bold look, probably not for everyone but I feel like it's pretty wearable and I know I wouldn't have a problem going out wearing it. :) I did cheat a tiny bit - I used Virgin from UD Naked palette as my highlighter because the Vice2 just doesn't have a highlight shade for me (that's the only thing I miss in it). All the other shades for this look were from the Vice2. ;) 

Here's what I used:

theBalm Put a lid on it eyeshadow primer
Madness all over the lid (UD Vice2 palette)
Lovesick in the outer V (UD Vice2 palette)
NYX Jumbo eyepencil in Milk on the lower lash line
Strike on top of the NYX pencil (UD Vice2 palette)
Virgin on the brow bone (UD Naked palette)
e.l.f. Mechanical eyelash curler
Maybelline One by One mascara
Catrice Eyebrow filler

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation (in Vanilla)
UD De-Slick mattifiying powder
UD b6 Vitamin-infused complexion prep spray
e.l.f. Blush&Bronzing cream (I used the blush)
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer (in Milk Chocolate)

Art Deco Longlasting Lip Stylo (in Soft Primrose)
Essence XXXL Nudes gloss

Because the eyes were the focus of this look I decided to go for nude or shall I say natural lips. I dug out an Art Deco lipstick I haven't used in a very long time and paired it with a nude gloss from Essence.

So, here it is... The first of many (or at least a few more) looks using my Vice2 palette. I would love to hear your thoughts on this look and I would be very happy to take your requests for future looks with this palette - you can simply tell me the shades you'd like me to use from it or just, if you'd like to see a bold or more natural look. :) 

The next look will be definitely featuring Shellshock (the amazing silver shade from the palette) because I already got a request from a loyal reader (you know who you are) but I'm always open for new ideas/requests. :)

9 komentarjev:

  1. Zelo lep make up, nosljiv in hkrati drzen, ampak lepo umirjen z nude šminko,
    pa všeč mi je kombinacija zlate in modre, čeprav ne vem kako bi moje občutljive oči prenesle takole podčrtan 'waterline' se mi takoj začnejo solziti :S

    Kakšne so pa kaj Artdeco šminke? Nimam nobene, pa me mika probati...

    Se zelo veselim videza z uporabo Shellschoka :))

    1. Hvala Sara! Saj to je bil nekako namen... da je drzen, ampak še vedno nosljiv, upam, da mi je ratalo takšnega ustvarit. :D Mene osebno ne moti če nanesem svinčnik ali senčilo na vodno linijo očesa, zna pa bit problem za tiste, ki imate bolj občutljive oči.

      Artdeco šminke (vsaj te, ki imam jaz) so zelo kremne, čudovito dišijo in se lepo nosijo. Priporočam, da se malo ustaviš pri njihovem stojalu in poswatchaš... ;)

    2. Pa se bom res :)! Sem preizkusila do sedaj le eno senčilo, kar OK, pa maskaro All in one, superca,
      šmink pa res še ne :)

  2. Ta modra senčka je res lepa! :)

  3. huda modra senčka! pa ful ti paše :)

  4. Ful mi je všeč ta kontrast med modro in zlato, se mi zdi kot da jo nekako umiri in naredi res bolj nosljivo :)

    1. Hvala Sanja! Tudi meni je zelo všeč tale kombinacija/kontrast. :D