Maybelline Master Drama khol liner

04. september 2013

Hello my lovelies! I'm finally back... I've been away for a week on a, should I say, working vacation. I'm back home and even though I have a bunch of stuff to do (like write my thesis), I'm determined to find time for blogging and deliver some (hopefully) interesting posts. :)

Today I'll be reviewing some lovely eye liners from Maybelline.

I bought these two liners quite a few months ago. I've heard a lot of great things about the Master Drama eyeliners - how creamy and long lasting they were, so when I saw them while I was browsing around the drugstore, I decided to pick one up. I bought the black (Ultra Black is it's name) first, so I could test it out and see, if I even like it. It turned out I did like it, a lot. :) So, a week or so after I went and bought the purple one (the name of it is Deep Purple). And... I think I'll be going back again soon to get the brown one as well.

What I really like about these liners is that they are so very creamy and glide on the skin with ease - no tugging on the skin. They are very rich and pigmented so you really only need one swipe, no need to go over the same line again and again to get a full line. Once they set (and they set pretty quickly) they are smudge proof and you really need to put some effort in to get them off. For instance when I swatched them (the pictures bellow), they were on my hand for maybe a minute max and when I got a face wipe to remove them, they wouldn't budge. I had to really rub at my skin and then use some soap to get them off.

I don't mind the fact that they have to be sharpened, I actually prefer these kind of pencils over the twist up ones. The only thing that bothers me about these eyeliners is that because they are so very creamy (especially the black one), they can stick to the lashes when you're applying them on the upper lash line and kind of stick them together. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say... But you can take a lash comb and comb them through before applying mascara, so it's not that big of a deal.

(taken outside, using flash)

(taken outside, in direct sunlight)

I'm also really happy with the price tag - only 5 €. I think that's a great price for such high quality eyeliners. I only wish there were more colors available. 

Have you tried these eyeliners? Which is your favorite eyeliner? :)

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  1. Vijoličen mi je zelo všeč, samo vem, da ga ne bi nosila :D

  2. Oh wow I had no idea they were so pigmented and creamy! I would love to try these now :D xx

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